Boy momma, DIY addict, A soft spoken yet adventurous soul, crazy about love and crazy about Jesus.

I’m excited you found me and I would love to be the photographer you choose to document your wedding, or your birth, or your Christmas photo this year or whatever occasion you have stumbled upon me for! Reach out through my contact form and let’s do this thing πŸ™‚ Until then, Be blessed.

With love,


Hello! I’m Taylor.

a Documentary lifestyle photographer -located in central florida.

I love shooting weddings and I love shooting couple sessions. I love cuddling babies and photographing all their stages but I also love capturing families in their homes and the way you glow when you’re pregnant; and BIRTH – oh my goodness what a rush! What I’m trying to say is, I just love photographing love. In all it’s forms, in all it’s many stages of life. Genuine moments of people together, just light my soul on fire. Because I couldn’t narrow down which niche I enjoyed more, I decided that people are my niche and storytelling is my style and that led Wombs to weddings photography to be born.

What do You Do?

SO MANY THINGS – Honestly I cannot count them all but I wouldn’t change it for a second. I’m a storyteller, no matter the story. Here’s a peek!

Side note:

I started this blog: ‘A whole new life’ so I could record my biggest events, delve into a creative outlet that would allow me to write but also so I could share some personal moments/accounts that happen throughout my life. I’m happy you’re here, thanks for reading.