Claire + Dawson | A wedding at Indigo harvest events; Inverness, FL

What a special, family centered wedding I got to witness this past weekend! Claire and Dawson; Thank you so much for allowing Dylan and I the privilege of being your wedding photographers! You both have come from amazing families and it shows through in every aspect of who you both are.

Most people know or have heard before that “Tying the knot” is a reference for getting married and that rain on your wedding day is suppose to mean good luck in your marriage…for one reason or another, I had always thought rain meant good luck in fertility specifically, that if it rains it was suppose to mean you were going to have a lot of children. Not a hundred percent sure where I came up with that lol. Some time ago I came across a video that said according to the Irish, rain on your wedding day is a great omen because “A wet knot is much harder to untie” and regardless of what rain on your wedding day actually means if anything at all because only God truly knows – I’m going to always, forever now look at it in that positive light.

I believe that to be especially true for Claire and Dawson, what started as being a very gloomy, rainy morning turned into the most gorgeous wedding weather ever! 70 degrees, bright and sunny – complete with 90% caterpillars hahah.

No matter how many weddings I get to attend there is always a few things that are specific to every one of my couples that just make my heart skip a little bit. One of these was when Claire told me that she and Dawson didn’t attend the same school but actually met in Youth group and would exchange notes to each other on Wednesday nights when they would get to see each other.

So now you can only imagine how much sweeter that made their little private note exchange/hand holding moment they had pre-ceremony.

Another was the thoughtful handkerchief gifts that both momma’s gave to their babies for happy tears. Dawson’s mom had a sweet little note embroidered into his and Claire’s mom gave her and her sister a handkerchief that had pieces of their grandmother’s robe, their mother’s wedding dress and all the dates of their weddings embroidered into it. *cue the happy tears* there for sure!

What a beautiful day, to watch beautiful souls get married!

Enjoy these sweet sneak peeks and check out the other vendors at the bottom!!

Thanks for reading and be blessed!!

XO Taylor

This was Dawson’s “Trying not to cry exhale” Lolol
In love with this shot Dylan got from the back!!! ❤

Photographers | Wombs to weddings Photography & Dylan Todd Photography

Videography | Mangione studios

Wedding Planner | Erica Hart

Venue | Indigo Harvest Events

DJ | Matt Gray

Caterer | Brick City Kitchen

Chelsey + Skylar | A wedding at Indigo Harvest events; Inverness, FL

Wow, what a stunning wedding and what a beautiful place to have it! This was my first time shooting at Indigo Harvest events, or Indigo harvest farms (I’m not sure which they prefer) which absolutely astounds me because it’s located in Inverness, FL literally right in my back yard and until this past weekend have never been booked by a bride who was using that venue. This wedding was also super special because I got to work along side one of my lifelong friends and colleague Dylan Todd, we are pretty much two people sharing the same brain when we work together and I LOVE it hahah.

So happy to have finally gotten to shoot at Indigo because it was incredible, it was everything I was hyping it up to be in my head. I’ve been excitedly awaiting this wedding for a long time! The planner – Eric Hart, with Hartfelt memories is just amazing in every way cannot say enough wonderful things about that woman and how on top of every little detail she is. If you lack direction in the wedding planning department and need someone to coordinate you – look no further, you will fall in love with her. (I’ll link her and the other vendors info below)

The venue is actually nestled within a working blueberry farm and the sweet owner Donna gives up her entire two story home for the day to let the bride and groom make use of it as their getting ready spaces. There was space and window light galore and I was in heaven!The reception space is a beautifully transformed barn designed with a double door epic loft, full of sparkling warm white lights and chandeliers attached to an adorable outside slab adorned with string lights perfect for dancing, tossing the bouquet and sparkler exit!

I had the best time getting to know Chelsey and Skylar on their wedding day! Chelsey even said, minutes into me starting to photograph her details “I trust you completely” which is just music to my photographer ears…Even though everything went pretty much according to schedule, I know if it hadn’t she still would have trusted me to do my job and give her the best of my abilities and that is my ideal client relationship with all my brides. I’m so thankful that such wonderful people have somehow found little ole me in citrus county.

In this industry I’ve heard of a lot of horror stories happening and I’m just really grateful to have the clients I do and get to serve them the way that I can. Honestly, my heart is so full in this season and I don’t know what’s next, I give it all to God to show me where he wants me – but I’m thankful for now, I’m thankful for this month of November, getting to spend time with my family, getting to travel, getting to have back to back weddings, having the motivation and focus to actually blog all of them! That’s a huge win for me.

On another note, PAISLEY – the bride and groom’s daughter, oh wait until you see those cute Paisley pigtails in this wedding and how she was feeling herself in the mirror after she got her dress on! She was a daddy’s girl through and through, so much so she got to join in to both first dances with daddy; She just wanted to be in his arms the whole time and it was adorable. Anyway, enjoy these precious sneak peeks of Chelsey and Skylar and until next time, be blessed.