Kayla & Tyler | A wedding at Cavallo Estate Winery; Lecanto, FL

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What a joy it was to be able to be present for this beautiful wedding! I thank God for the connections and relationships he’s allowed me to build in my community because in meeting Stephanie, Kayla’s sister at my home church – I’ve not only gotten to do a handful of family sessions for her, and watch her babies grow but then when her sister got engaged, I was suggested to be her wedding photographer!!

God is so faithful!

Tyler and Kayla were such a delight to photograph; I personally know they’ve had quite a few bumps and road blocks along their wedding planning process, so once the day finally came I had hope that the stress of getting there would dissipate into the background and they could just soak in every moment of their day together.

Looking at their couple portraits and every single time they went in for a kiss during the reception you can tell they were just elated to finally be wed.

There was so many things I loved at this wedding and here’s just a few I want to share;

For one, This was my very first wedding I’ve shot at Cavallo Estate Winery and the scenery did not disappoint. The blueberry fields weren’t quite ripe yet but in a few weeks they will be teaming with big fat blueberries!

The standard guest book that everyone who attends the wedding signs, was a big blank photo book where guests would take their own instamax mini polaroid photos of themselves/moments at the wedding ect. and secure them with pretty washi tape. Then they would write Kayla and Tyler a sweet little message next to the photos. I LOVE this trend and I wish it would happen more and more! What an adorable way to remember the night, through hundreds of little glimpses of the people you love.

And then there was kayla’s niece Laurel, or should I say Justin Bieber’s “youngest belieber” Bless her little heart, at one point in the reception Kayla put her favorite song on “Baby” by Justin Bieber and she was dancing and belting out every word. It was so precious.

Enjoy getting to see a little look into the highlights of the day – Kayla and Tyler I hope you enjoy all your sneak peeks and are having the best time together as husband and wife!

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Raeven & Garrett | A wedding at The Plantation; Crystal River, FL

As I left cattle dogs coffee shop the day I met Raeven, I couldn’t help but think: This is the type of bride I want to serve for every wedding I shoot. Her personality just made me so excited to deliver the very best I could for her and I was ecstatic she booked me! She explained to me how much she loved photography in school and was very aware of everything my job entails; The time I would need to create portraits in the right light and the vision for wanting multiple perspectives with a second photographer. *Insert happy tears* she was the kind, thoughtful, obsessed with pictures bride I love. Ironically enough, she found me through Ms. Boudreau which was our mutual photography teacher at Citrus high, give or take 10 years apart haha. I loved getting to meet her face to face in person because it really set us on a different level come wedding day. Normally, the first time I’m meeting with my brides is when I shoot their engagement pictures and in this case she had already gotten some done so it was an alternative meet up but just as great. Oh and did I mention she was pregnant?! I couldn’t really see Blakelyn that day at cattle dogs but by the time February 22nd, 2020 rolled around, oh my goodness she was sporting the cutest little baby bump!!

I had been to The Plantation in Crystal River, FL for a family shoot but I hadn’t ever shot a wedding there before Raeven and Garrett; so I knew what the basic layout was in front of the water but I was astonished by the incredible detail they put into the reception area “The Magnolia room” off to the side of hotel. The remodeling of the front entrance with the new fountain is amazing.

This wedding was such a dream to photograph. Beautifully decorated and coordinated, I had one of the greatest photographers I know shoot along side me, Dylan Todd of Dylan Todd Photography Fabulous real estate/fine art photographer also a dear long time friend from Daytona State College. Go check him out he’s killing it in St. Pete. The weather was wonderful the people were spectacularrrr, the venue and the other vendors were excellent (I’ll list them at the bottom) Raeven had sooo many precious, unique touches she wanted included such as the first look with her Dad and her beloved fur baby Kodah, The bridesmaids reaction to her dress, pictures of Garrett “shaving” with his very young little nephew, heartfelt gift exchanges, and of course an epic sparkler exit. All those small pieces of gloriousness factor into a really great wedding day and I couldn’t have been more honored to be the one responsible to capture it! I wish you both a long and happy marriage, be blessed. ❀

Feast your eyes on my highlight reel from the day…

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Amy & Kenneth | Sweetwater branch Inn; Gainesville, FL

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New year, new me! I’m trying to stay on my blogging grind for 2020. So everyone say a real quick prayer I can stick to it! Thank you πŸ™‚


Amy and Kenny, Oh my word!! How sweet are they. Amy is truly the most laid back, go with the flow, happiest, kindest soul of a woman I’ve ever met. There is not a single person on this earth that could possibly not love and adore Amy. She was: no stress, no fuss x20. She told me she trusted me completely, and let me have my way where ever and whenever on her wedding day and there is only a few select people who can actually let that happen and she was one of them.

And dear Kenny, sweet as pie he must have said thank you to myself and the other vendors at least 5 times each. Thanking us for capturing the best day of his life for him and truly showing such appreciation for all the work each person put forth for their day. I’ve never witnessed a groom being more grateful than Kenny; and that just made me even more joyous to be there with them, and to give them the very best of what I could do as their photographer.

The two of them together just melts your heart…because you can feel that they love each other so deeply and they’ve just been through so much together in the years leading up to their marriage. They are unstoppable now as a united front, best friends who were just…destined to be.

I wish you both a lifetime of happily ever after!

This wedding was incredible, I had never shot at “Sweetwater branch Inn” in Gainesville, FL before but now I’m so happy to say that I have. I met some amazing new vendors that were easy to work with (List at the bottom of the post), I got to walk inside / photograph my very first Victorian style home, the weather was perfect, the garden was a dream spot for the ceremony and couple pictures. Everything was just so so magical, and historic and just filled with character I don’t think anything could have made it better. It was a really lovely place to get married. And hey, extra bonus. It’s also an Inn – so incase anyone of their guests had a little too much fun they could just rent a room to stay the night!

Thank you for reading now check out the PICTURES!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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Venue – Sweetwater Branch Inn

Photographer – Wombs to weddings Photography

Videographer – Nicalex Productions

DJ – Dj Trae